Frequently Asked Questions

Bridgeland (Semi-precious Gems)

Do you sell your Tyee Picture Jasper at Wholesale Prices?

Yes, this is the primary way that we sell our Tyee Picture Jasper.

If you require smaller quantities (other than 25lb containers) we can make arrangements thru a 3rd party seller that sells cut slabs.   Please contact us for pricing and details.

Do you sell any other semi-precious Vancouver Island stones besides your Tyee Picture Jasper?

Our primary objective since forming Bridgeland Mineral Partnership has been to develop and seek active development partners for our massive sulphide discoveries.  We have Copper, Molybdenum, Gold and other Rare Earth Mineral deposit on our properties.  But it is the sales of our Tyee Picture Jasper and other semi-precious stones that has allowed us to cash flow much of our own in-house overhead and the further exploration of our projects.

Dan Berkshire (Senior Partner) has been a Vancouver Island Prospector for over 40 years. He is credited for having discovered “_____________” along with having discovered several semi-precious stones throughout Northern Vancouver Island over the years. We are currently considering making our own Red Jasper, Hornblende, White Marble, and Black Obsidian available for wholesale (in bulk) purchase over the next 12 months.  If you wish to be contacted when these stones become available please contact us for pricing and details.

Your Tyee Picture Jasper looks like some of the Jasper that comes from Biggs Oregon? Is it from the same area?

No, ours is a Canadian jasper.  Biggs Jasper was discovered in 1937 after a wash out exposed this beautiful mineral near Biggs Junction in Oregon (US).  This discovery prompted a gold-rush like frenzy of digs in the area leading to several different variations. The premium (rarest) Biggs Jasper also has blueish patterns as well as the sought after mountain-scenes.  Our Tyee Jasper would fall into the category of “desert mountain-scene picture jasper”.

Our Tyee Jasper is used by Jewelers & Artisans throughout the world and it is quickly becoming one of the most sought after mountain-scene picture jaspers available. It is exclusively a Canadian jasper from Northern Vancouver Island, and it is very similar in pattern and composition to other high quality mountain-scene picture jaspers.