1,295 Hectares ~ With Elements of a Copper Porphyry Discovery!

Our Hisnit Property is also on Deep Tidewater.

Currently available for option!

Tenures: The property is held by Dan P. Berkshire on behalf of Bridgeland Minerals and currently consists of 4 MTO mineral cell blocks totaling 1295 hectares, held in good standing until June 02, 2020.

A total of $101,219 has been expended to date on these mineral titles with all $101,219 being applied as Provincial assessment work.

  • Location: The Hisnit Property is situated along the east shore of Hisnit Inlet south towards Tulpana Inlet and west towards Tahsis Inlet.
  • The property is covered by typical west coast rain forest with recent first growth logging, and elevations ranging from sea level to 1125 metres.
  • All-weather logging roads provide year round access to the Hisnit Property.
  • Located 1.5 hours From Gold River and only 1 hour from Tahsis (both which have basic services).
  • The provincial power grid is within 8 km. northeast of the property.
  • The Property hosts a number of quartz sulphide vein stockworks and copper/iron skarns consistent with a porphyry mineral deposit environment.

Geology: The Hisnit Property covers part of a graben structure containing steeply dipping Triassic-Jurassic volcanics and sediments, including limestones, intruded by Jurassic and Eocene stocks and sills.  This is considered an ideal geological setting on Vancouver Island for Iron, Copper and Gold Skarn, and related Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum-Gold deposits, as well as Sedimentary Limestone and Marble Deposits.

Mineralization: Primary prospecting in 2004 resulting in the discovery of 3 new showings:

  • Hisnit (Main) North – stockwork mineralization
  • Hisnit South (Main) – Cu/Magnetite Skarn or Vein
  • Argonaut Vein – Quartz sulphide system

Hisnit Main (North): After initial discovery in 2004, a total of 20 grab samples were collected over an area 1100 meter by 300 meters by Dan Berkshire. Twelve (12) of the samples taken on November 26 returned geochemical assay values exceeding 1000 ppm Cu with five (5) exceeding > .5% Cu.

Hisnit Main (South): In 2007 a series of three continuous representative chip samples were taken by Jacques Houle across the Hisnit Main (South) showing from east to west, with thicknesses of 2.0 m, 0.75 m. and 1.75 m respectively (see samples 201388, 201389 and 201390 – Assessment Report 29909). Sample 201388 averaged 2.53% copper, 370 ppm zinc, 13.8 ppm silver, 319.5 ppm cobalt, 32.5% iron, and 2.96% calcium across 2m. Sample 201389 averaged 0.61% copper, 3/9 ppm silver, 8.1% iron, and 4.37% calcium across 0.75 m. and Sample 201390 averaged 1.46% copper, 238 ppm zinc, 423 ppm cobalt, 25.5% iron, and 2.58% calcium across 1.75 m.

Argonaut Vein: The Argonaut vein is located near Argonaut Point outcropping along a rock face of rock forming the east side of the Hisnit Main logging road. A select grab sample taking in 2004 returned

2010 Exploration Work: Assessment work performed by Jacques Houle P. Eng., in 2010 resulted in the recording of three new MINFILE occurrences – although these do not correspond directly with the 2004 discoveries.

Disclaimer: The preceding information is intended as a summary only and accurate to the best of the author’s knowledge, but should not be relied on in place of the qualified technical information available in the following

Assessment Reports:
EMPR  ASST  RPT #29909
EMPR  ASST  RPT #31749
EMPR  ASST  RPT #32165